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On this Post, we will read God's Word, believe it, and respond in prayer. We will pursue God!

God tells us in His Word,
"God calls us into His Kingdom and glory."

God has done so much for us, and He calls us into His Kingdom.
He wants us to be aware of Him, to love Him each day,
and to be with Him in eternity forever.

His plans in eternity for us,

He calls us. He wants us to respond to Him, and to know Him.

These words give us a glimpse of the many great things God has done for us!  We are filled with thanks.
Let us believe every one of God's words and respond in prayer.


On this Post,

you can read Scripture, think on it,

pray it for yourself,

then pray it for someone else.

Join me in Reading and Praying Scripture Prayers. You might want to pray them aloud. It is good to hear your voice speaking to God.

Read / Pray, the Prayer Post on the Right.

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Scripture Verse

God calls you into His Kingdom and glory...

Consider what great things He has done for you.

1 Thessalonians 2:12(NIV); 1 Samuel 12:24 (NIV)

Praying Scripture For Myself

Heavenly Father, You have called me into Your Kingdom and glory.

This is the greatest thing You have done for me, and You continually do more and more. I praise You. I will let Your Word speak to me today. I will let You work in me. I will consider Your word...You have called me into Your Kingdom. You have called me into Your glory. You have done this wonderful thing for me. I praise You.

Praying Scripture For Someone Else

Lord Jesus, I pray that (-name-) will believe and understand that You have called him/her into Your Kingdom--and You have called him/her into Your glory. Empower (-name-) to consider this and to think much about this today because You have done this great thing for him/her.  Thank You.


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